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Tuesday 19 August 2003

Pix Of The Day: Seasons Change in Pikes & Tarns
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CREDITS: © Tony Richards/LakelandCAM.co.uk MAP: Blea Tarn
Blea Tarn Summer © Tony RichardsBlea Tarn Winter © Tony Richards
Yesterday's feature reminded us of an earlier picture we ran in January, which was also by Tony Richards, also showing the Langdale Pikes, but on that occasion across Blea Tarn. We found another similar picture in Tony's rolling archive, but taken in summer, and thought the pair made an appealing diptych. We hope this is appreciated in Las Vegas as much as the earlier shots! For those with larger monitors, both pictures are available [L] [R] as slightly larger than usual popups.

Caricature Of The Day courtesy of Caricature Zone
Our caricature subject's birthday was celebrated yesterday.
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Caricature Zone
American actor (1937- ). This man is almost a neighbor of ours, using his wealth to invest in developing a ski resort in the north of the state that has grown to be an outdoor center in a wider sense, where they hold a moviefest that has grown to be a cultural center in a wider sense.

Along the way to gaining wealth and clout he made some remarkable movies. We thought the opening of his biography (available from the link above) summed him up very well:

'This blond, square-jawed leading man combined good looks with genuine intelligence and unmistakable charisma to become one of the 1970s' true superstars. Certainly he owed much of his popularity to the female filmgoers who flocked to see him… …but [his] appeal - like that of most great movie stars - cuts across gender lines'.

This entry was prepared using an IMDB (Internet Movie Database) feature.

Quotation Of The Day courtesy of Wordsmith.org

Let early education be a sort of amusement, you will then better be able to find out the natural bent of the child. - Plato, philosopher (427-347 BC)

On This Day: Random Fact courtesy of Reference.com

1893 - The root beer float, or Black Cow, was invented by Frank J. Wisner, owner of Cripple Creek Brewing in Colorado.

You will have to live here, immersing yourself in American culture and root beer floats, before you will be able to understand how important a discovery this was for the future of the country. We have consumed one of these things, and afterwards felt much more receptive to the finer nuances of American popular culture; both of them.

Visit the Reference.com page for today, where you will find a fuller listing of facts about this day, with sections for holidays, events and births.

From Our 2002 Archive: Gnawed by the Wind - Monday 19 August 2002

Gnawed by the Wind © Alexander TodorenkoAlexander Todorenko runs the almost-daily picture web site New Zealand, which has sections for daily pictures, scenic shots for desktop wallpaper in two sizes, and galleries with themed images. This picture is from the Karekare Beach section of Galleries, entitled 'Gnawed by the Wind'.

If you have a larger monitor there is a slightly larger version of the picture (please allow time for it to download). Although the site has many excellent landscape pictures there are also many featuring urban life in the antipodes.
Alexander modestly gives little information about himself, but one might reasonably assume that he is Russian by birth, but now living in New Zealand. All the pictures are of high quality, and Alexander says he is planning to expand the site with photo tips, and maybe even tutorials on making web photo galleries. The site also has Russian language pages, which are gradually being translated into English by Alexander, though one might think that English was his first language.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . . 
Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
"Ah! que la vie est quotidienne."
Oh, what a day-to-day business life is.
'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)