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Saturday 23 August 2003

Pix Of The Day: As High As You Can Be In America
CREDITS: © George M. Henke/Artisan Editions
MAP: Alaskan Parks. Denali National Park for 800 or 1200 pixel wide monitors.
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Denali Dreams © George M. Henke
George M. Henke is exhibiting some giclée* prints, which have been made from his original photographs. At the Whole Foods Market, Santa Fe branch, New Mexico, during the month of August there will be twenty two prints on display. The exhibition is entitled 'Water, Cool Clear Water'. We chose 'Denali Dreams' from the previews, and asked George to write a commentary:

Denali is the highest mountain on the North American continent. It is also called Mt. McKinley. 'Denali' means 'Great One' in the language of the Alaskan natives. This is an image taken at dawn from a place about 90 miles inside Denali National Park. To photograph this area at dawn or sunset one needs to stay at one of the lodges nearby. The trip from the park entrance takes half a day because it is along a narrow, bumpy dirt road and the buses stop frequently to let on and off riders, and to admire the beautiful scenes and to look at many wild creatures such as caribou, moose, wolves, lynx, eagles, ptarmigan, and, of course, Grizzly Bear!

I stayed at Camp Denali which was a delightful place of small cabins spread out around central baths, and central eating & meeting buildings. At night you needed to be watchful when you made your way to the bathroom, which was about 100 yards away: you might meet a grizzly bear.

I visited Alaska during the last week of August and the first week of September. It was definitely Autumn there. The tundra was ablaze with colors that I had not expected, and the night temperatures dropped below freezing. We had about 3-4 inches of snow one night. The air was clear and crisp during the days which was very good for photography. Local people said there are times when the mountain is not visible for weeks, because it makes its own cloud cover. The other very nice result of the cold nights was that it killed most of the mosquitos. This was a blessed event.

The tundra is frozen down about 100-200 feet at all times. During the summer the first 4-6 inches melt, and become a wet bog that creates thousands of square miles of mosquito heaven. The mosquitos can be so thick that the swarms look like clouds. I was warned about this, and had a head net and covering for all parts of my body, plus a lot of DEET insect repellant. Fortunately, none of this was needed.

Clearly George is a redoubtable character when he goes image hunting. After a quick Google we found a picture of him, which shows him to be a jolly fellow, when not slogging his way through Alaskan bogs, with a taste in Norman Parkinson hats: we thought this Parkinson quotation was apposite, "A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields."

That was said before the Internet was created and the web became ubiquitous, of course, and now everyone may have a gallery to display their works. While we wait for a Vogue cover from George, check out a sample of his landscape work with a visit to his online gallery on the web site of Artisan Editions in Santa Fe, who are his specialist fine art printers.

Prints are available, priced at: $205 - 13"x19"; $320 - 16x24"; $500 - 20x30"; with shipping extra at a cost dependent on the destination. The Artisan Editions web site also has several galleries created for other artists, and a section with an explanation of the *giclée process, and the benefits for users and print owners.

Caricature Of The Day courtesy of Caricature Zone
Our caricature subject's birthday was celebrated yesterday.
IDENTITY LINK: click the image below. Click this text for a BIO-FINDER LINK.
Caricature Zone
American singer and sometime actress (1963- ). These quotations seems to sum her up, "I know I'm an acquired taste: I'm anchovies. And not everyone wants those hairy little things. If I was potato chips, I could go more places." and "I'm too wacky for most weirdos, who am I to judge?" Don't get to think that you may be allowed to join in the fun though, she also said, "If you call me an airy-faerie, new age, hippy waif, I will cut off your penis." Fan devotion may be gauged from the extensive IMDB biography. She is much better looking than her caricature.This entry was prepared using an IMDB (Internet Movie Database) feature.

Quotation Of The Day courtesy of Wordsmith.org

The principal contributor to loneliness in this country is television. What happens is that the family 'gets together' alone.
- Ashley Montagu, anthropologist and writer (1905-1999)

Although we understand the necessity of Wordsmith's gravitas when selecting a quotation to represent the important aspects of a person's life and work, our own chuckle valve responded to this: Man is the only 150 pound non-linear servo mechanism that can be wholly reproduced by unskilled labor. We have always thought that others who comment on the 'dignity of labor' have probably never done any.

On This Day: Random Fact courtesy of Reference.com

1775 - King George III of England refused the American colonies' offer of peace and declared them in open rebellion.

If you are going to abandon negotiation in favor of force, make sure you are sufficiently powerful; if you must take your belt to someone, make sure you hit with the buckle end. George's own expressions of his sentiments on the long term outcomes show that he may have been right on track, even though he went the wrong way to achieve his goals.

Visit the Reference.com page for today, where you will find a fuller listing of facts about this day, with sections for holidays, events and births.

From Our 2002 Archive: Snow Canyon Desert - Friday 23 August 2002

Snow Canyon © Ian Scott-ParkerSnow Canyon might seem a strange name for a physical feature that is clearly a desert environment. We have yet to come across a web page that saw fit to explain where the name came from, but as 'Snow' was a common Pioneer family name hereabouts, we imagine that is the derivation. The canyon is a kind of geological shopping basket: sand dunes, solidified lava flows over sandstone, geologically recent volcanic cones, and other features.

If you visit, we doubt you will be able to pass the 'ten or less items' checkout with so many delights available. The area is a State Park just outside the City of St. George, in the southwest corner of Utah. There is easy access from Interstate-15, and plenty of accommodation and services locally. More details on The American Southwest web site, which also has a good photo gallery. If you want to see an atmospheric picture of the park, check out Bert Sirkin's web site.

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Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
"Ah! que la vie est quotidienne."
Oh, what a day-to-day business life is.
'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)