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Wednesday, 22 October 2003

Pix Of The Day: Some Down Under Bicycle History
CREDITS: © Bruce Henderson/WarrnamboolCAM.com
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Warrnambool Bicycle Race © Bruce HendersonWe spent many enjoyable hours earlier this year, watching TV coverage of the three great European bicycle races; the Giro d'Italia; the Tour de France; and the Vuelta A Espagna. The Ozzie riders such as Baden Cook and Robbie McEwen , who battled it out for the Green Jersey right up to the line on the last day, were heroic despite some shoulder charging that passed without much comment. We thought it wryly ironic that both men in the final battle of the Titans came second and third to Jean-Patrick Nazon!

Cycling TV commentator Bob Roll, something of a hero in his own right, often says that bicycle racing is a metaphor for life; the intertwining of glory and failure in a single thrilling event Well perhaps his and yours, but ours is much less heroic: racing for the finishing line is something we try our hardest not to do at this stage of our lives. An earlier generation of Ozzie riders were much more polite than the young bloods of today. Bruce recounts the tragically foreshortened career of acutely short sighted Russell Mockridge: 'In his first race (on a very old bicycle with his glasses held to his face with sticky tape) Mockridge made a remark (which would epitomise his cycling career), when he asked those riding along with him, whether they would object if he went ahead on his own! Whatever you do, do it with style.

Somehow we don't expect Lance Armstrong & Jan Ullrich or top 2003 Vuelta sprinters Eric Zabel & Mario Petacchi [Tasteful nudity at that link - Ed] to start such foppish banter. David Millar? Well, perhaps. Ozzie bicycle racers are doing so well on the world scene that one day OLNTV might extend their much appreciated bicycle racing coverage to include the Tour Down Under.

On This Day In 2002: Denver & Rio Grande Western Trip
CREDITS: © ND Holmes/DRGW.net
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Westbound 0306 Cumbres & Toltec © ND HolmesToday's Google date search for "22 Oct 2003" returned a result on image searches of the kind that many webmasters would give their eye teeth to achieve: first place went to the DRGW.net web site. The DRGW is the Denver & Rio Grande Western railway, and the web site is Dedicated to preserving, organizing, and making available information on the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.

They make a good job of that: Rocky Mountain railways are something we have been looking at in ODAAT's EPSG (Editorial Policy Steering Group) for some time. DRGW has a POTD (Picture of the Day) feature [These acronyms are getting out of hand again! - Ed.], and although today's was empty, awaiting the update when we visited, there was a large archive going back as far as January 2001.

Our feature picture for today came from the section for 14 Aug 2002 to 7 Jan 2003 (note the unusual US use of a logical date format), where the caption reads 'DRGW 0306 brings up the rear of the last regularly scheduled westbound over the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic this year. After a disastrous season due to the FRA closure and worse, the US Forest Service closure, it's good to see them running again.'

From the same summary page, a picture of Moffat Road, taken on the Denver & Salt Lake Railroad, is stunning: however, you will have to examine it carefully to see why! The caption gives a good clue to look high. Yankee Doodle, yes indeed!

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Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
"Ah! que la vie est quotidienne."
Oh, what a day-to-day business life is.
'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)