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Saturday, 15 November 2003

Pix Of The Day: Wood & Stone 100 Years Reminder
CREDITS: © Andrew Leaney/Leaney.org © David Robinson/DaveRob.org.uk
MAP: High Spy and Brandelhow. Thumbnail clicks pop-up larger images.

Brandelhow Hands © Andrew LeaneyThe National Trust was formed to protect the nation's heritage of coastlines, landscapes, & buildings. The official site will give interested visitors plenty of information about the Trust's history and activities. Julian Thurgood's unofficial, but non the less valuable, VisitCumbria.com provides information and links specific to the Trust's formation and presence in the English Lake District: even more specifically it provides details about Brandelhow, which is somewhere very special for the Trust. Andrew Leaney took today's featured picture, on the return leg along the valley after traversing the High Spy ridge. The sculpture came as a surprise to us. Obviously we have not been keeping abreast of developments in the old country, so we just repeat Andrew's caption. Entrust - Celebrating 100 years of The National Trust caring for your countryside at Brandelhow, 2002, for ever for everyone.

Centenary&nbspStone © David RobinsonOn the opposite shore of Derwentwater lake, in Calf Close Bay, there is a cloven boulder commemorating the foundation of the Trust, which has become known as the Centenary Stone, or the 100 Year Stone. The split faces are polished and etched with a pattern. David Robinson visited in early 2002, taking pictures to add to his 'Skiddaw, Derwentwater & Borrowdale' gallery, which has a section for each year of the new millennium. It is too much to hope that the wooden hands might last as long as the stone sculpture.

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Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
"Ah! que la vie est quotidienne."
Oh, what a day-to-day business life is.
'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)