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Tuesday, 30 December 2003

Pix Of The Day: Bubba's Memorial For POWs & MIAs
CREDIT: © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson/SorensonCrew.com
WHERE: Adair County, Iowa. WHAT: patriotic Memorial Day rock painting.

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2003 Memorial Day Rock 1 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson2003 Memorial Day Rock 2 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson2003 Memorial Day Rock 3 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson
2003 Memorial Day Rock 4 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson2003 Memorial Day Rock 5 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson2003 Memorial Day Rock 6 © Ray 'Bubba' Sorenson
The Sorensen family hail from Fontanelle, Iowa. Most family activities center around agriculture, but Ray, who is also known as 'Bubba', is a mural painter. Since 1999, around every Memorial Day (traditionally May 30th but observed on the last Monday of the month), Ray has painted a local boulder with a patriotic theme in support of the US armed forces. POWs & MIAs are a particular focus of the memorialization.

The Greenfield web site offers the following information: 'The Patriotic Rock, located at the Schildberg Construction - Jefferson Quarry. The rock was a local graffiti rock for twenty years for the surrounding schools, but out of respect, the local students have not defaced the painting in the past five years since Bubba has been painting his tribute. Bubba draws a sketch of his idea on paper and then draws the design by free hand onto the rock. This takes him anywhere from one to three weeks to paint and he has been doing it for five consecutive years. Bubba is interested in military history and gets his ideas from books, movies, previous artwork and images by other artists. The rock is located on Highway-25, just 1 mile south of Interstate-80 near Greenfield, exit-86. If traveling from Greenfield junction 25 & 92, take Hwy-25 north 12 miles.'

Ray's work has been widely circulated around the Internet, often without attribution for any photographs used, or without links to Ray's web site. We will try to remedy that, though the trail is unclear at times. Sorenson.com is unequivocally the Sorenson family web site, and Ray has a section on the family web site where his paintings are featured. A link on Ray's own page leads to a frequently referenced page on Barbara J. Pfrommer's Serene Moments web site, which in turn credits a page by T. Cornish on the Iowa City West school web site. Confusingly, Barbara also credits a page by 'Bob', for what looks to us like the same set of images.

We apologize for burdening our visitors with these considerations, and in the final analysis we decided to credit Ray Sorenson for everything, including the pictures. We felt the real photographer would probably defer to this arrangement, but if not we will make the appropriate corrections should somebody complain.

Meanwhile, anyone whose patriotism extends to putting their hand into their pocket, may like to support Ray's endeavors. The 2004 paint costs to update the rock art will be funded by the sale of prints from photographs of the 1999-2003 versions, which are available singly or in sets from Ray's web site. Also available is a print of Ray's 'Veterans Memorial Wall' in the town of Casey, Iowa

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