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Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Pix Of The Day: Vintage Ceccarini Star Portraits
CREDIT: © Olindo Ceccarini Collection UCR/California Museum of Photography
WHERE: Hollywood, California, USA. WHAT: 1930s vintage star portraits.

Thumbnail clicks pop-up database multi entries with enlargement buttons.
Shirley Temple © Olindo CeccariniMaureen O'Sullivan © Olindo CeccariniNorma Shearer © Olindo CeccariniGreer Garson © Olindo Ceccarini
Never let it be said that the rich, famous or infamous, or deceased even, are in any way excluded from being featured here. As an occasional feature, a phrase loaded with ready made excuses for failure to implement, we will be visiting some online photo collections that we feel have gravitas, significance, or capricious appeal on the day. Today, left to right, we feature Shirley Temple, Maureen O'Sullivan, Norma Shearer, and Greer Garson, in portraits taken in the 1930s.

These images are from the Olindo Ceccarini Collection Online at the UCR/CMP (University of California, Riverside/California Museum of Photography). Containing fifty six images, this particular collection is not extensive. The database manager, with a search facility and album creation system, will appeal mainly to academics.

However, for the rest of us the interface designers have thoughtfully placed a 'Begin Search' button, followed by a 'Browse' button, that will fetch you up at a text list of section contents. There is a 'BROWSE ENTIRE COLLECTION' item below the list.

Here is the site introduction: 'The Olindo Ceccarini Collection contains 182 three-color separations covering a variety of subject matter. The majority of these 1930s images are of actresses such as Shirley Temple, Joan Crawford, and Ginger Rogers. There are also images of California Missions and coastal tourist sites. Ceccarini's photographs were mainly used as illustrations in advertisements. Finally, the Olindo Ceccarini Collection contains two notebooks, one outlining the three-color separation process and the other describes carbo printing.

The Olindo Ceccarini Collection Online is only a sample of the whole. This web page contains 56 typical images plus database entries referencing the two technical notebooks. The Olindo Ceccarini Collection is made possible in part by The John Randolph Haynes & Dora Haynes Foundation.'

When we visited the image link for the 'Mission San Fernando' entry was broken.

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