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Tuesday, 03 February 2004

Pix Of The Day: Old Water Blasts from The Past
CREDIT: © as detailed below/DoDFire.com
WHERE: various US home military bases. WHAT: vintage fire fighting appliances.
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1923 Stoughton Community Firefighter © Bill Killen1942 Ford Class 525 © Ted Heinbuchc.1930 Selfridge ANGB FD © Max CorningKelly Field, San Antonio, TX © Aaron Ledsome
On a recent visit to DoDFire.com we saw the Bush planes (US President George W. and Florida Governor Jeb), but neglectfully failed to feature the host web site's core subject, which is military fire fighting. We realized this while preparing the feature about Achorage, Alaska, civil aviation fire fighters, so we are making amends.

DoDFire.com ran a photo competition for June 2003, wherein we saw these venerable fire trucks. The winning competition entry was by Jimmy Sanders, driver/operator with MCAS Cherry Point FD, entitled 'FF Joe Smith and myself drilling with our high-rise packs at the dept.' Though not displayed in the thumbnail line-up, we have included it as a pop-up, because there is not much joy in winning if your picture is ignored!

The other pictures (L to R) are: [1] 1923 Stoughton Community Firefighter, owned by Bill & Carole Killen, which was the Antioch, Illinois, Fire Department's first motorized fire apparatus, on active service 1923-1949; [2] 1942 Ford, Class 525 pumper, 500 gpm, 150 water in a 1951 picture from Grenier Air Force Base, New Hampshire, submitted by Ted Heinbuch; [3] c.1930 Selfridge ANGB FD, submitted by Max Corning; [4] believed to be a post WWII photograph, submitted by Aaron Ledsome, showing Fire Station #1 at Kelly Field, San Antonio, TX. This, and other two other pictures submitted by Aaron, may be seen on the competition web page, and the originals are currently displayed in the Lackland AFB FD. The antique engine on the left was apparently being used as a billboard for fire prevention awareness.

Our thanks to the DoDFire.com web site, and all the photo competition contributors. Our own local fire department in Hurricane, Utah, maintains an old much loved appliance that makes gleaming appearances at local fund raisers.

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