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Monday, 15 March 2004

Pix Of The Day: Camp, Paddle, Hike, & Bike, Utah
CREDITS: © John Telford (Holiday Expeditions)/Outdoor UVG [Utah Vacation Guide]; © Monique Beeley/Whitewater UVG; © Monique Beeley/Backcountry UVG; © Monique Beeley/Bicycle UVG. WHERE: Utah, USA. WHAT: outdoor activities.

MAP: Utah recreation areas. Thumbnail clicks [1][2][3][4] pop-up photo galleries.
Bighorn Sheep © John Telford (Holiday Expeditions)Weber River Kyak Festival © Monique BeeleyBox-Death Hollow Wilderness © Monique BeeleyBiker In Moab © BicycleUtah.com
We are busy doing some personal planning for the middle part of the year, when we will be entertaining visitors from Australia, and the United Kingdom. We thought it might be useful for anyone planning a visit to Utah (sorry, our spare room is fully booked until late Fall!) if we featured some local visitor information sites as we chanced upon them in our own search for ways to amuse our guests.

Today we feature a Royal Flush of sites, their common suite being the active outdoors. Each of the four UVGs [Utah Vacation Guides] has its own photo [1][2][3][4] gallery, where you may view pictures appropriate to the particular site where they are found. As you might expect there is some duplication of resources across the sites, but we thought as a set it was a neat way to address the different outdoor activity factions.

In addition to the photo galleries, each site has sections for Welcome; Destinations; Tour Operators/Guides; Commercial Services; Articles; Recreational Map; Geographic Regions Map; Calendar of Events; Home Grown Outdoor Gear; and Altitude, Climate, Terrain. We checked out all the 'Articles' sections, expecting to find 'Coming Real Soon Now' or 'Under Construction' notices. You may think we are too cynical, but we call it 'toughened by bitter experience'. We were delighted to find real content: trust us - stuff worth reading! We know 'Content Is King' has become unfashionable, but we think it will come back as surely as your old flared trousers. The 'Calendar of Events' even had events and dates. We will be checking back regularly for quality control.

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Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
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'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)