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Monday, 05 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Biggest Tall Ship In The World
CREDIT: © Philippe Gambet/STS Sedov Tour
WHERE: Penzance, and Liverpool, England; Brest, France; Murmansk, Russia.
WHAT: world's biggest tall ship. MAPS: Penzance, Liverpool, Brest, Murmansk.
Thumbnail clicks [1][2][3][4][5] pop-up larger images from source web site.
STS Sedov Full Sail © Philippe GambetSTS Sedov Rigging 1 © Philippe GambetSTS Sedov Wheel © Philippe GambetSTS Sedov Rigging 2 © Philippe GambetSTS Sedov In Port © Philippe Gambet
Last Friday Charles Winpenny at CornwallCAM.co.uk was showing pictures of the STS Sedov - 'Sedov' is СЕДОВ in Cyrillic alphabet capitals, from Georij Sedov the Russian polar explorer after whom the ship was named, but we were unable to discover the meaning of 'STS', although 'Sail Training Ship' and 'Segel Trainingsschiff' seem likely candidates. Anchored off Penzance on a visit from her home port of Murmansk, Russia, the ship makes an imposing sight even in the distance. The German-built four-masted barque was handed over to the Russians as war reparation after WWII, and is the largest sailing ship in the world.

Once again we struck a language barrier, but fortunately the official web site has English and German versions. We thought the official site had too few pictures for our present needs, although it was strong on background history and statistics.

For a phototour of the vessel we selected Philippe Gambet's site, with pictures taken when the Sedov visited Brest, France: although the captions are in French, this hardly matters because the images are mostly self explanatory, especially for those who first visited the official site. Philippe has fifty pictures in nine galleries, which made his site the most photographically comprehensive site we were able to find.

In 1992, when the Sedov visited Liverpool, England, webmaster Les St Clair captured three pictures [1][2][3], a dramatic bow shot and two pictures with the ship decked out in festive night time illumination.

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