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Sunday, 25 April 2004

Pix Of The Day: Record Dispute Over Sundial Size
CREDIT: © Charles Winpenny/CornwallCAM.co.uk
WHERE: Perranporth, Cornwall, England. WHAT: giant cliff top sundial.
MAP: Perranporth. Thumbnail click pops-up larger image.

Perranporth Millennium Sundial © Charles WinpennyAs part of the millennium celebrations, the town of Perranporth on the north coast of the English county of Cornwall built this giant sundial. Perranzabuloe parish is home to the sundial, and it is said that St. Piran, one of several patron saints of Cornwall, landed here after a miraculous journey from Ireland. Eileen Carter's annotated photo gallery provides a detailed record the excavations (now been reburied for protection) of the saint's oratory.

More details about the construction and history of the Perranporth sundial are available from ChyCor.co.uk web site ('chy' is the Cornish language word for 'house'), and more pictures and information Graham Cullingford at GeeCee.co.uk

Mention of size inevitably leads to the question of which is the world's largest of whatever class of entity is under discussion. The world's largest sundial is claimed to be the one at Pajala in Sweden, though when we checked the GWR [Guinness World Records] web site only the smallest sundial was listed. GWR may be silent on the subject of the largest sundial because of counter claims by a long list of places, notably Jaipur, India, Lloydminister, Alberta, Canada, Carefree, Arizona, USA, and even Florida Disney World making a claim for a remarkable construction.

More than one site claims to have received Guiness authentication, but the saddest tale is the fate that befell the North Little Rock, Arkansas, claimant. For further sundial research there are specialist web sites in both the USA, and the UK

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