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Friday, 21 May 2004

Pix Of The Day: R. Deep, Mt. High, Knees Wobbly
CREDIT: © Ian Scott-Parker/CAMwrangler.com
WHERE: Grand Canyon, AZ, USA. WHAT:
MAP: Grand Canyon. Thumbnail/link clicks [1][2] pop-up larger images.

Grand Canyon © Ian Scott ParkerFrom Pipe Spring we headed over the Kaibab Plateau to Jacob Lake. From there the park road is a forty mile cul-de-sac to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; at an altitude of almost 9,000 feet small patches of snow were still visible in the forest edges. The park lodge was rebuilt in 1937, and offers a viewing lounge with tall windows, and an outside terrace where we went to view the depths of the canyon. Another party persuaded one of their number to walk out onto an exposed viewing platform, where he was instructed he must wave. On his return he was man enough to confess that his knees had been wobbly, which was superfluous information for anyone observing his heroic walk.

Even with the camera lens set to extreme wide angle zoom it was not possible to view the far rim and the canyon floor, so we settled for the view you see here, which includes the far canyon wall below the sky line, but well above the floor. We also include a landscape format picture to give a sense of what you will see if you go there yourself for a visit. The row of snow capped peaks on the far distant horizon are the San Francisco Mountains just north of Flagstaff, Arizona, over 70 miles distant from the opposite South Rim of the canyon.

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Jules Laforgue (1860-1887)
"Ah! que la vie est quotidienne."
Oh, what a day-to-day business life is.
'Complainte sur certains ennuis' (1885)