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Sunday, 05 September 2004

FlightSim Plug-In Also Available
CREDIT: © Jesse & Shannon DeBusschere/SX300Group.org
WHERE: Hurricane, Utah, USA. WHAT: airplane fly-in party.
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Hurricane Fly-In © SX-300Group.orgAlthough Hurricane, Utah, is a thriving town, and is the location for an 'airport community', this does not make us some sort of Croesan community. Apart from the conurbations around Salt Lake City in the north of the state, Utah is sparsely populated with small towns and smaller rural communities. An airport community has homes around a landing strip, with hangars and garages attached to the houses. One day 'Plane Crazy' Cringley may wing in to visit.

Before we actually saw the place we feared some hideous intrusion on the desert landscape, but the reality has a relatively low visual impact on the fragile natural surroundings: wilderness advocates might not approve, but on the edge of town at the top of the Hurricane Bench and just south of the official city airport, it does not look inappropriate to us, nor that worn negative expression 'blot on the landscape'.

At Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch, to give the airport community its full name, Jesse and Shannon DeBusschere hosted a fly-in for members of the SX300 Group on 20-22 June 2003. Between 1984 and 1989, eighty SX-300 self build airplane kits were sold, although there were only forty sets of landing gear manufactured: let us hope the half without landing gear were never equipped with take off gear!

The fly-in photo gallery reported no such problems. Our feature thumbnail shows the fleet of attending planes, with the Hurricane Fault in the background. The peak of an extinct volcano named 'Mollies Nipple' may be seen on the far left, or on the far right in a picture taken from the irrigated lower Bench. The fleet also appears in another group picture, and we enjoyed Mike and Keith doing what we think may the dubiously named 'low pass', which never the less makes a great picture.

Those of us lacking the wherewithal to purchase a Sky Ranch property, or even the mode of transport without which owning a property there would be pointless, may still be able join in the fun. All that is required is a copy of Microsoft's Flight Simulator program, for which Abacus has written a Sky Ranch plug-in. From there on, the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas are only a virtual simulation away. After our chopper flight, only the real thing will suffice. Maybe if we stood by the side of the Sky Ranch main runway and thumbed a ride?

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