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Tuesday, 28 September 2004

A More Objective Look At Ivan 04
CREDIT: © NOAA [National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration]/NOAA.gov
WHERE: Grenada, Caribbean Sea. WHAT: Hurricane Ivan 2004.
MAP: Grenada. Thumbnail pops-up larger image; also available full size.

Hurricane Ivan 2004 © National Oceanic & Atmospheric AdministrationIn the media frenzy surrounding Hurricane Ivan 2004, it was worryingly easy to become jaded by news overload. Much of the coverage began to look less like serious news reporting, and more like ugly voyeurism. When it was all over, we began to examine some of the objective reporting. Notwithstanding the losses, both life and property for which the victims have our sincere sympathy, this web site is about images so we are constrained in our main response.

The Wikipedia page was the best information clearing house we found, and for those interested in a particular topic connected to the hurricane, it will probably lead you to the most suitable sources. We chose a picture from NOAA [National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration] using GOES-12 1 km visible satellite imagery.

The picture shows Hurricane Ivan at 11.9°N 61.2°W in the Caribbean Sea west of Grenada on 07 September 2004 at 19:45 UTC (15:45 AST) when it was rated as Category 3, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 120 mph. Users of larger monitors may enjoy a full sized [833x656 pixels] version. Wikipedia has links to other photograph resources, including one from the International Space Station featured on the APOD [Astronomical Picture of the Day] web site.

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